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Community / School Grants
Since 2003, HWTF has awarded more than $29.4 million in grant funding to 60 community and school-based organizations across the state.† All grantees use a comprehensive approach to address four tobacco prevention control goals as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):†

The Tobacco Control and Prevention Branch, DHHS, provides technical assistance to all Community/School grantees.† DHHS tracks grantee progress towards desired goals and objectives through an online Indicator Progress Tracking System (iPTS).† The iPTS was formatted to track and report data based on 9 focus areas and 36 indicators developed and approved by HWTF, TPCB and UNC for use with all grantees.† HWTF closely monitors all iPTS reports, which will help shape all future grantee reapplications.

Tobacco-Free Colleges Grants
HWTF recently expanded the TTUPC initiative to reach young adults at colleges, universities and community colleges throughout the state.† Recent data shows that college-aged youth represent the only demographic in which smoking rates are rising rather than falling.† In North Carolina, nearly 28% of 18-24 year olds smoke, 57.7% of who have tried to quit during the last year.† And according to the Harvard School of Public Health, college students who live in smoke-free dorms are 40% less likely to take up smoking than their counterparts who live in unrestricted housing.

In December 2005, HWTF awarded more than $1.6 million for 20 college-based tobacco use prevention and cessation projects that will target the promotion of smoke-free campus environments, while coordinating Quitline NC outreach efforts to college-aged students across North Carolina.

UNCís EnTER program provides technical assistance for the Tobacco-Free Colleges Initiative.

RFP for Tobacco-Free Colleges - Due 04/28/05 CLOSED
RFP for Phase IIi: Community/School Prevention Program or Special Project - Due 03/29/05 CLOSED
RFP for Phase II: Community/School Prevention Program or Special Project - Due 03/31/04 CLOSED

RFP for Phase I: Community/School Prevention Programs Initiative - Due 11/01/02 CLOSED

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